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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make Each Day A Story

I had to have this stamp!  I have two grandchildren and when I scrapbook pages of them, that is what I am trying to do, tell them a story about us as a family.  When I am with my 5 yr. old grandson and we lay down to sleep, he always asks me to make up a story to tell him (of course he is trying to delay falling asleep).  What I tell him is little stories about his dad and uncle growing up, how his dad met his mom, or, the one he likes best, is when he was born in TX and I had to run to catch the airplane, the door was shutting to the boarding gate and they said I was too late; I started crying and said I had to get on the plane because my grandson was coming 5 weeks early and I had to be there! (they let me on the plane- :) and I got to watch him being born! (thank you mommy) 
My visit last month to my granddaughter who is 9 mos. and lives in CO, I took lots of pictures and emailed them to her mom and dad while they were in Antigua for a wedding.  I wanted to show them that her first time alone with Granny B she was having fun and they could relax; we bonded over those 9 days and I am working on a scrapbook for her about it. I read books to her during the day and at night while rocking her to sleep (C-don't tell on me), I'd tell her about her dad growing up and how he proposed to her mom.  Stories should be passed down to children so they know who they are and have a sense of belonging.  I am so lucky, I love both of my daughters-in-law; they are good to me.


  1. Beautiful and a heartwarming story.

  2. Your card is so pretty with that lovely stamp and pretty ribbon!!! I love your story, too...I used to tell my grandkids stories...the older ones still remember some of them. Hope they pass them on to their children!!

  3. Love it Barbara. Making family memories is the best that we can do for our children.